Mercury is a low-code enterprise platform built on a generic and dynamic architecture, bringing valuable benefits wherever it’s implemented; it flexibly enables enterprises running in any industry. Mercury operates as an intermediate workflow connector and orchestrator between different solutions. It orchestrates service orders between upstream and downstream systems, with intervention and rollback capability.

Mercury provides the following key features and functionalities:

  • Easily integrate multiple systems together
  • Dynamically configure the integration points
  • Generically build and expose APIs
  • Seamlessly orchestrate service orders between the communicating systems
  • Deploy its advanced Business Process Management (BPM) layer for creating and configuring business processes in a short time
  • Build dynamic and efficient business workflows simultaneously involving various systems
  • Efficiently reduce the Time-to-Market (TTM) of complicated products and services
  • Benefit from unlimited and long-running workflow execution capabilities supported by dynamic workflow initiation, scheduling, interaction, rollback mechanisms and parallel processing capacity
  • Trace system issues, get instant and custom alerts and notifications about running workflows and intervene when required
  • Benefit from a range of out-of-the-box standard integration protocols and technologies
  • Build a customizable GUI that fits any business needs using the embedded UI Builder and Visual Designer tools
  • Securely interact with external systems
  • Easily update the business logic as the need urges
  • Build advanced BI reports and analytics dashboards
  • Benefit from the high reliability, portability and reusability of the system features
  • Maintain high availability through redundancy and automatic failover
  • Data Layer Design
  • Business Entities Design
  • End-to-End processes design and Workflow
  • Business integration layer